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Design Services in the Cloud

We help you transition your design and verification environment to the cloud. You can either completely transition to cloud services or you can use it to augment your operation during peak time.

Tools and Methods

We provide independent evaluation of your designs and help you setup a reuse strategy and methodology. Our ReuseVault design allows you to customize your repository setup to your flows and specific IP needs. Partner with us to shorten your design cycles through the use of our guidelines, processes and methodology optimizations in your design flow. In addition to this we also have an advanced tool portfolio you can utilize in your architecture modeling.

Infrastructure Support

We can also help you with definition and management of your cloud compute and storage infrastructure and custom fit it to your job and usage profile as well as the specific product requirements.

Consulting Services

Our consulting services cover ASIC development and methodologies, can provide turnkey tools solutions for entire ASIC flow and can help you cover outsourcing and executive consulting needs.